Mark Maas, P.I.

Professional Investigations & Protective Services

About Mark Maas, P.I.

Mark Maas has been granted Private Detective License MD-471-2006 by the Court of Common Pleas for Adams County, Pennsylvania. He is authorized by law to conduct investigations and provide protective services across the Commonwealth. Mr. Maas has also been issued Private Detective License #106-4559 by the Maryland State Police which authorizes him to provide private detective services in the State of Maryland.

He has over thirty years of experience as a Law Enforcement Officer including assignments as a Police Detective investigating major crimes such as homicide, burglary, robbery, assault and child abuse; as a Prosecutor's Office Criminal Investigator working with victims and witnesses, locating non-custodial parents owing support obligations and preparing criminal and civil cases for court; as a uniformed Lieutenant and Captain supervising law enforcement officers; as a state-certified Police Firearms Instructor and as a Retail and Warehouse Loss Prevention Manager for a major department store chain. 

Mr. Maas has also conducted pre-employment background investigations on police officer and other public service applicants, in addition to conducting internal investigations on officers involved in use-of-force situations that included the discharge of firearms as well as other professional  integrity issues. While serving as his department's first Hostage Negotiator, he was decorated for his service in a crisis situation involving an armed, barricaded subject.  As a Crime Prevention Officer, Mr. Maas initiated both residential and commercial Crime Prevention Programs. 

He has been certified by the Pennsylvania State Police as a Lethal Weapons Agent under PA Act 235 and is an active member of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators and the Fraternal Order of Police. He is a graduate of both the Basic and Advanced Reid Schools of Interrogation and is a member of the Reid Institute. 

Mr. Maas has authored articles published in professional law enforcement and investigative magazines on firearms and related topics and has been interviewed by both the print and electronic media on matters related to the investigative profession, proposed legislation and ethical standards for investigators.
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