Mark Maas, P.I.

Professional Investigations & Protective Services

MMPI for the Defense

Legal Support Services -

Legal support services include the location and interviewing of witnesses and defendants, background information and court records search, examination and photography of scenes, searches for additional evidence, document research, service of legal documents and review of law enforcement or other reports to see what key elements may, or may not, be present. Reports to attorneys will include recommendations on critical matters involving witness testimony, submitted evidence and an objective evaluation of the opposition's case.

Defense Investigations -

Mr. Maas has extensive experience conducting defense-related investigations in both criminal and civil matters. In addition to supporting privately-retained attorneys in the defense of others, he has also served as a defense investigator for clients being represented by public defenders in state and federal courts. Most of these cases have involved homicide, felonious assault, theft, narcotics violations, and abuse by family members, caregivers and others.

In addition to having served as a state law enforcement firearms instructor and armorer, Mr. Maas has also evaluated and recommended duty firearms for issuance to law enforcement personnel, authored weapons-related articles for professional journals and lead internal investigations involving the use of force by law enforcement officers.

Assistance is available for attorneys involved in litigating cases involving the use of force as well as to commercial concerns involved in managing, training and equipping security forces.

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