Mark Maas, P.I.

Professional Investigations & Protective Services

"When you can't afford not to know the truth."

Mark Maas Professional Investigations, (MMPI) is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigative firm serving Gettysburg, Adams County and the South Central Pennsylvania area. MMPI is an active member of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators, (PALI) and was the first PALI member firm representing Adams County.

MMPI is also a licensed private detective agency in the State of Maryland, with an office located in Westminster, Carroll County. Our Maryland office allows us to offer investigative services to Central and Western Maryland, including the Baltimore and Washington regions.

Our goal is to provide efficient investigative, protective and consulting services to individuals, businesses, governments and legal concerns.

While some individuals or concerns don't often consider the services of a licensed private investigator or protective specialist, the possibilities and potential benefits are always present.

Let MMPI's thirty years of law enforcement and investigative experience work for you. Contact Mark Maas, P.I. today to personally consult on your investigative or protective needs.

Don't worry that you can't afford our services. You can't afford not to know the truth.

Call Mark Maas, P.I. 
Offices in Pennsylvania & Maryland
717.357.3121 & 443.898.2312

P.O. Box 691, Fairfield, PA  17320
181 East Main Street, Suite 3
Westminster, MD 21157

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